Formaloo Review — Build Your Workspace Without Any Code.

Build Custom Business Apps Without Code, Super Forms, or Databases

Formaloo Review — TL;DR

Create branded forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and live presentations that you can embed on an unlimited number of websites or apps
Create beautiful forms, managed access databases, and highly customizable business applications without any code — all in one place!
Build customizable business applications and access-controlled databases — no coding required

What Is Formaloo & How Does It Work?

Formaloo Review — Features and Benefits

Calculator 2.0: More Variables + Logic: Now you can add as many variables as you want to your databases. You can have integer, text, decimal, and even pattern-based variables and play with them however you want!
Multiple workspace support: Create as many workspaces as you want! (Each code is for 1 workspace)
Support for multiple pages of success
Partial Submissions: Recover lost leads and collect more data from people who left and didn’t answer all your questions! Never miss another response even if your forms haven’t been submitted!
New Formula Fields (Live Estimates and Math Functions): Now you can create automated quote forms, price estimator apps, and any other formula-based functions that require logic, calculations, and multiple variables right in your formaloo.
New Advance Charts (Report Maker): With these charts, you can create your own chart-like visualizations by analyzing the results of “two” or more fields against each other.
Answer Piping: Pipe or display the answer to a question to any other part of your online form.
Custom Metadata: Now when you share your formaloo links on social media, your custom logo and information will appear as a preview!
Unlimited custom domains and CNAME support with free SSL!
Custom Email Builder: You can now create email templates and use them



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